Finding Your Voice

“Finding Your Voice,” describes the series of events in a young boy’s life worth observing. As he fought his own will to accept what others thought he should be, he instead found out that the most powerful weapon to demolish evil was his voice. It is the hope that people, all over the world, are touched by such a moment in time and can create a life pattern of speaking their heart fearlessly to others.

"Finding Your Voice" is the first installment of an inspirational Journey for the young and old. More than just a book, "Finding Your Voice," is a message for the youth and parents alike; for there is a child in all of us who needs to be heard. It's an opportunity to discover, rediscover, and come forth with truth and purpose. This is the beginning of many lifetimes for you and those you love. Remember, there is a child in all of us who needs to be heard.

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