Binding and Paper Options

We offer the widest selection of book bindings and paper options. Please note that not all binding and paper types are available for all book types, cards, and calendars.

Book Binding Options

Imagewrap Softcover Binding

Our perfect bound photo books are constructed on a computer-controlled adhesive binding machine, which produces high-quality adhesive bindings. Our perfect bound process rivals the strength and flexibility of sewn books. Covers are laminated and pages are hot-glued to the cover, which is ideal for all of our on-demand products.

The cover paper for all of our softcover books features full color, laminated 100# Ultra Cover Stock available in either Gloss or Matte Lamination.

Imagewrap Hardcover Binding

Our imagewrap photo books are constructed using the highest quality pre-cut imagewrap boards and also are bound on a computer-controlled adhesive binding machine. The casebound binding service offers a spine lining sheet which is applied inside the front and back cover and secures the fold over of the cover sheet. Covers are laminated and pages are hot-glued to the cover, which again is ideal for all of our on-demand products.

Wire-O Softcover & Hardcover Binding

The wire-o binding service is used for 11x8.5 calendars, the 12.5x10 hardcover, and the 14x11 portfolio products. It is a strong square wire spine that does not spiral out of the pages with use. This durable binding option allows your book to lay flat on a table to display your work.

Saddle-Stitch Binding

The saddle-stitch binding option is used for our softcover books of less than 20 pages. The binding is stapled because there are too few pages to actually bind with the glue process. This is a durable binding option because the spine is stapled with industrial quality staples. Covers are not laminated.

Interior Paper Options

Our paper selection will suit all your needs - be it price, quality, or somewhere in-between. We recommend you order a small test to find out your preference. Simply send us an email with your shipping information to receive a free sample kit!

Pearl Paper

300 GSM
This is a glamorous option! There is luminosity to the paper that brings out all of the rich colors and shadows of the imagery. If you want a vibrant shimmer and shine on heavy paper, this is the one to choose. (Greeting Cards and Loose Pages only)


300 GSM
The same weight as our Pearl option, it is sleek and has a more subtle shine. (Greeting Cards and Loose Pages only)


300 GSM
For the artist and architect – bring your designs to life. This paper has no shine and really shows of detail. (Greeting Cards and Loose Pages only)


260 GSM
For the truest color reproduction, choose this paper. It is brilliantly shiny and all the little details will be there. This is our favorite paper.


146 GSM
A classic choice, this paper is lightweight with a slight gloss.


118 GSM
This paper is the thinnest we offer, similar to the pages of a magazine. This is our most affordable option and your images will have a softer quality to them. This is the perfect paper if you have a budget and still want outstanding printed pages!


118 GSM
This paper is comparable to the silk, it is just as thin, but offers a flatter image that is ideal for those that are the most cost conscious. This choice is often selected for bulk purchases.

Side Notes

  • All Paper is Acid Free
  • All interior pages are printed as double-sided (just like a novel). Each side of a piece of paper is a page. If you would like to order single-sided pages you have two options: 1) add a white page following each one of your pages or 2) Choose from one of our already-formatted books for single-sided printing: 9 x 7 or 8.5 x 11 Softcover book.
  • The term 'text' refers to interior paper, and 'cover' refers to cover stock. So 100# cover stock is not the same thickness as 100# text stock!
  • Books with over 240 pages add stress to the spine, therefore we recommend no more than 240 pages if your book will be handled frequently.
  • Imagewrap hardbacks require a minimum of 24 interior pages and a max of 160.
  • Soft cover books require at least 20 interior pages to perfect bind. Less than 15 pages and the book will be saddle stitched. Saddle stitched books do not have laminated covers.
  • Yes, we can bind books up to 700 pages. However, for books bound with more than 250 pages we don't guarantee the binding. When you get over 250 pages you risk the binding cracking after use.
  • We place a discreet ghosted logo on the back cover - you can select the logo placement when you build your cover. You have 2 options to take off our logo from your book: Pay a $10 logo removal fee at the end of checkout or purchase a Professional membership if you plan to order many books in the future- which will waive you from having our logo on the back of your books in the future.