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Unknown Image<h1 style="padding-bottom:6px;line-height:130%;">Express Photo Books:<br/>Quality, Speed, and Price</h1>
Express is our most diverse line of photo books offering the best value of price and quality.

Product Flexibility Without Breaking the Bank
  • Our Fastest Delivery Time. From order to doorstep in about a week for a softcover book.
  • Variety of Paper Options. Choose Express Photo Satin paper for the lowest price anywhere, or Express Photo Silk is an 80# Xerox Silk coated photo book paper that offers fantastic image quality. All paper is acid-free.
  • We've Got It Covered. Add class to your photo book with Perfect bound, Imagewrap Hardcover, and 15 different choices of Material Hardcover.
  • A Size for Every Occasion. Express books come in 20 types and sizes. From tiny 3"x2" mini-books or massive 14"x11" Portfolios.
  • Awesome Prices. See our Product Catalog.

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<h2>Book Sizes</h2><h2>Binding Options</h2>
((11x8.5 Photo Books, Calendar and Loose Pages11” x 8.5” Landscape 4:3)) Imagewrap Hardcover, Die-cut Hardcover, Perfect Bound Softcover, Calendar
9” x 7” Landscape 4:3 Imagewrap Hardcover & Perfect Bound Softcover
12” x 12” Square 1:1 Imagewrap Hardcover, Loose Pages, Perfect Bound Softcover
12.5" x 10" Portfolio Wire-o Hardcover
14"x11" Portfolios Wire-o Softcover
8.5” x 8.5” Square 1:1 Imagewrap Hardcover & Perfect Bound Softcover
8.5x11 Photo Book8.5” x 11” Portrait 4:3)) (US Letter) Imagewrap Hardcover & Perfect Bound Softcover
Mini Photo Books Perfect Bound shipped in multi-unit packs.

<h1 style="border-bottom:1px solid #eee;padding-bottom:6px;">See the Difference: Premium vs. Express</h1>
The attachment id given is not valid.Unknown Image<div style="float:left;width:150px;text-align:center">A) Premium</div><div style="float:left;width:150px;text-align:center">B) Express</div><div class="clear"/>More colors means more detail and accuracy<br/>Premium has more color depth giving more colors and greater level of detail. This is most noticeable in greens, light colors, and shadows.
Unknown ImageSilk vs Satin<br/>Photo Silk has more sheen, and will produce deeper blacks. <p/>&larr; Top: Satin<p style="padding-bottom:18px"/>&larr; Bottom: Silk
Unknown ImageA rainbow of options<br/>Express material hardcover options come in leather, suede and linen in 15 different colors.
Unknown ImageSimilar binding specs gives identical external appearance<br/>The binding of the Premium and Express have identical production specs and quality, and can be very hard to distinguish by just looking at the cover.