Mini Photo Books

Full Color, Soft Cover Mini Photo Books

We offer creators the ability to design full-color soft cover mini photo books using digital images. The mini book selection is as simple as choosing a landscape trim size as your Book Size in the Product Builder process. Simply upload your images or PDF and create your book.

Multiples are magical

The sizes are cutesy and fun.

Landscape Mini-Books

Square Mini-Books

Which size is best?

When people ask which size is best, there really isn't a good answer because each mini book has its own strengths and uses. It is really up to you. Have fun with the different sizes. Though I think my personal favorite is the 3.75x2.5 It is the smallest size which is part of its charm.

The possibilities are endless

We see our mini book as the perfect brag book for parents and grandparents or a great way to share your wedding with family and friends. Creating your personalized unique souvenir is also fun! They are capable of generating smiles for both creators and viewers by their insouciant appearance and fun-loving size.


Upload your images and get started creating your mini photo book.

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NOTE: Mini books are small in size and large in fun!!! The minimum page count for the mini books is 20 and the maximum page count is 80, so if your page count is outside that range the minis won't display as a creation option.

We recommend you use the auto crop feature for your mini books.