6.625x10.25 Photo Book

Design Specs and Product Options for our 6.625x10.25 (Comic Size) Photo Books. Starting at just $9.99

6.625x10.25 Comic Photo Book

Photo Books Worth A Thousand Words

This size is commonly used for Comic Book Trade Paperbacks (TPB's for those in the know) or Graphic Novels. Fit in on comic shelves or spinner racks across the country with this size option.

For non-commercial services with the same quality, visit our Presto Photo 6.625x10.25 Photo Book page!


6.625x10.25 Softcover
Imagewrap Softcover
Pricing Starting at $9.99
Page Count 13 to 500
Final Dimensions 6.625"x10.25"
Upload Dimensions 6.875"x10.5"
Paper Type
Production Time 4-7 business days
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