Understanding Book Binding

We offer three types of book binding.

Perfect binding (Softcover)

Our perfect bound photo books are constructed on a computer-controlled adhesive binding machine, which produces high-quality adhesive bindings. Our perfect bound process rivals the strength and flexibility of sewn books. Covers are laminated and pages are hot-glued to the cover, which is ideal for all of our on-demand products. Production time is 4-7 business days.

Imagewrap Hardcover Binding

Our imagewrap photo books are constructed using the highest quality pre-cut imagewrap boards and also are bound on a computer-controlled adhesive binding machine. The casebound binding service offers a spine lining sheet which is applied inside the front and back cover and secures the fold over of the cover sheet. Covers are laminated and pages are hot-glued to the cover, which again is ideal for all of our on-demand products. Production time is 10 business days.

The Express Bound hardcover is professional and similar to Premium binding with two differences - the binding on Premium has a slightly tighter spine, but the main difference is the print quality which is the difference between a Xerox (toner based) and Indigo (ink based) print process.


The wire-o binding service is used for 11x8.5 calendars, the 12.5x10 hardcover, and the 14x11 portfolio products. It is a strong square wire spine that does not spiral out of the pages with use. This durable binding option allows your book to lay flat on a table to display your work. Production time is 4 business days.


The saddle-stitch binding option is used for our softcover books of less than 20 pages. The binding is stapled because there are too few pages to actually bind with the glue process. This is a durable binding option because the spine is stapled with industrial quality staples. Covers are not laminated. Production time is 4 business days.

Check out some pictures of perfect bound books

NOTE: each side of a piece of paper is a page (just like a novel) (:smile:)

For non-commercial services with the same quality, visit our Presto Photo <a href='https://www.prestophoto.com/help/Understanding+Book+Binding'>Understanding Book Binding</a> page!


We offer two print processes and different paper options for the different print options.

For our Premium Products we offer 1 paper option
1) Premium Photo Paper - is Commercial-Quality Acid-free, 100# Futura coated photo book paper. This paper offers rich, lifelike colors and a deep color palette by using a 7-Color Electroink process. The paper is similar to the photo silk, slightly heavier. Here is the page that highlights the Premium products: photobooks.pro Premium Photo Paper

We offer 2 paper options for our Express Products
1) Photo Satin - Choose 80# Photo Satin paper for the lowest price anywhere! This paper doesn't have any shine to it.
2) Photo Silk - is 80#, Xerox Silk coated photo book paper that offers fantastic image quality. This paper has a sheen, but it is not extreme. It is not the slick gloss of magazines or prints, and you have to turn the paper in the light to see the shine. One real benefit of this paper is that it has a protective coating so if you spill something on the book you have a second or two to wipe it off before the liquid sinks into the paper. Here is a page that highlights the Express products: photobooks.pro Express Photo Papers

The 14x11 product and the 11x8.5 calendar also offer a heavier paper.

All of our paper options were selected to be good paper for images so you will be happy with either paper.

We hope you find this information useful. We are growing and will update the information as more options are added.