Selling Products

You are ready to sell your work to the world!

The commissions due to you are based on payments received by us for your book sales. This means that your commissions may be adjusted for refunds or fraudulent orders for which we do not receive payment. We will make a good faith effort to pay you using the contact information in our records. If you make changes in your remission information it may delay your commission payment. Additional terms of payment can be found in our Member Agreement. Please note: Your commissions are listed under your shop column using the "My Sales and Commission link".

Payment Schedule

Payments are made on the first of the month. Commissions will be paid for all closed sales 60 days or older. For example: commission payment for a sale on February 15 will made on May 1. All commission payments are made in USD and are not available in other currencies.

Payment Options

We offer three ways to receive payment for your commissions.

1. Store Credit Option

If you select store credit as your payment choice, commissions are converted to store credit with no minimum requirement for payout as long as all of your tax and address information is complete.

2. PayPal Option

If you select PayPal as your payment choice (by filling in the PayPal Email field on your Change remission address and settings page) AND your accumulated commissions are $25 or more, AND all of your tax and address information is complete (if required), you'll receive your commissions.

PayPal may charge the recipient fees based on the type of your account. See PayPal Fee Schedule for details.

3. Paper Check Option

If you select paper checks as your payment choice with a selected address, AND your accumulated commissions amount to $50 or more, AND all of your tax and address information is complete (if required), you'll receive your commissions on or before the end of the month 60 calendar days after the sale.

The $50 threshold must be met for sales in that commission period. For examples, your commissions for sales through March 31st must total $50 or more in order to receive a payment by June.

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