Security Levels

Public or Private? It's your choice.

Video Tutorial: Uploading and Managing Your Photos

Explanation of Privacy Settings

As users of our own software, we value security just as much as you do. We know some pictures you want to show to the world, while others need to be kept just for those you love. PhotoBooks.Pro lets you choose which materials you would like to share, and which you would like to be kept hidden. offers several levels of security for your photos. When editing a gallery, you can add a Security Level under the Advanced Options tab. The security levels are:

Hidden security can allow anyone to access your images, galleries, or products as long as they know the exact URL.

Password Protected
In order to view your images, galleries, or product, any visitor must know the answer to a question you determine, such as "What is the name of our dog?". This makes it a great option for family and friends.

With the tightest of security controls only you can view your materials when you are logged in.

(:idea:)Quick Tutorial
When editing your gallery you can create a new Security Level under the "Advanced Options" tab. Give the Security Level a name like "Proprietary Photos" and check "Private". Click save, and your photos will now be only be visible to you.

For non-commercial services with the same quality, visit our Presto Photo Security Levels page!