Configuring Your Homepage

Questions about Home page setup

Since I am a member does that allow me a homepage or storefront? What do I need to do for my homepage?

We have many features planned for our storefronts.
You can add a homepage URL under your preferences. Select the "my account" link. Under the user section select "preferences" and add the URL to your homepage.
Right now, there are two options:
1. Your product listing will display in the shop
2. Your homepage at"your user name"

I don't see my storefront — why?

You probably made your storefront private. If you prefer your storefront to display, select the "my account" link, select preferences and in the User information field select public.

How do I set up my storefront?

To set up your shop you can upload a completed PDF or upload a gallery of images. If you upload your individual images, you set the order of your images and add captions. Then select the "Order Photo Book" icon, which will take you through the bookmaking process. At the end of the process you will set the Retail price for your book and it will be added to your account's shop. Happy Selling (:smile:)

Don't forget to "Edit My Homepage" to add some information about yourself.

It is fun and adds flavor to your store. Select the my account link and "Edit My Homepage" under the users list.

We have advanced homepage customization planned, and it will be a few more weeks before we roll out that feature.

For non-commercial services with the same quality, visit our Presto Photo <a href="">Configuring Your Homepage</a> page!